Tribunal Statistics – Delays and How to use Them to Your Advantage

Congratulations! You have made it through January, the worst month of the year. As February rolls round, the days are getting longer, post-Christmas blues are lifting and fun resumes as most people give up their resolutions and get back on the booze, chocolate and carbs! In last week’s case law update we looked at negligence […]

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Tribunal Statistics – Latest Figures for April to June 2018

Since the abolition of Tribunal fees last year, the number of Tribunal claims have predictably increased. For the April-June 2018 period, claims are up by 165% from the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, nearly twelve and a half thousand fee refund payments have been made equating to around £10m. The figures show that the average […]

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Wasted Costs – acting in pursuit of profit

This case is an example of how not to conduct oneself in Employment Tribunal and when running a case.  The solicitor acting for his deceased cousin’s estate, was ordered to pay wasted costs exceeding £16k when the Claimant’s case was struck out following the solicitor’s conduct which included posting opinions about the case on facebook,  accusing […]

Employment Tribunal Statistics

The Tribunal Service has published its 2008-2009 statistics which show the number of Tribunal claims in each jurisdiction, average award sizes and number and size of costs award. The biggest costs award was £25k, although costs are still rare (about 0.2% of all cases) and the average costs award was £2,470. The full statistics can […]

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Awash with claims?

I was reading today that the Employment Tribunal service no longer produces statistics for the number of employment tribunal claims.  Us lawyers have for some time pored over the figures, looking at the number of claims received and the breakdown of the jurisdictions and how many claims went to hearing. The last statistics are for the period […]