Cosmeceuticals Ltd v Parkin

  The effective date of termination (EDT) is the date when the employee’s continuous employment ends. This can be either the end of their notice period or, the date that the employee was summarily dismissed without notice. The employee has 3 months less a day from the effective date of termination, plus any period of […]

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Effective date of termination

The three months (minus a day) time frame for bringing the majority of employment related claims starts running from the effective date of termination (“EDT”).  Clearly establishing this date is therefore crucial. The EAT has considered another case where the EDT is uncertain due to ambiguous wording in a dismissal letter.  In the case of […]

Statutory Dismissal Procedure………refusing to die……….

Although the SDP has now been repealed, it is still not dead and burried. We will continue to see appeal cases for some time yet. The EAT has published one such case today, which holds that where an employee appeals outside of the time limit contained in the employer’s disciplinary procedure, that delay in appealing […]