Unfair Dismissal

Mr S Famojuro v Boots Management Services Ltd and Mrs E Walker

Hello again and welcome back to our case of the week. This week is Anti-Bullying Week 2023 which takes place between 13th - 17th November and we’ll be looking at a recent case of a pharmacist who succeeded in his claims of harassment related to race. Last week’s case involved dismissal of an employee for failing [...]

Mrs J Williams V Newport City Council

Welcome to our case of the week update, this week's case asks the question; Is dismissing an employee for failing to attend court hearings fair? For anyone that missed last week's update, wherein an RAF Legal Officer brought a claim for victimisation, you can find that here. Now, onto our case this week! The Claimant [...]

Lighter Side of the News – Citibank Sacking Over Two Sandwich Expenses Claim!

Citibank was taken to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal after sacking an employee for gross misconduct. The claimant was a financial analyst specialising in financial crime. He’d submitted expenses for a business trip claiming he had eaten two sandwiches, two pasta dishes and drank two coffees. When queried whether he had consumed this all [...]

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Mr J Hawker v Devonport High School for Girls

Welcome back to our weekly case of the week update. This week's case asks the question: Can a dismissal for malicious and fabricated sexual assault charges be fair? For those that missed us last week, you can find our summary of an important Supreme Court holiday pay claim here. Now, we move onto this week's [...]

Matthew Riley v Direct Line Insurance Group Plc

Welcome all to our mid-September case of the week. In our last update we looked at a claim for failing to make reasonable adjustments for a prospective employee. Those that missed it can find it here. This week we look at whether an employee can agree to leave the business and bring a claim for [...]

A Hewston v Ofsted

Hello and thank you for joining our case of the week.  Our last update was our August Newsletter, where we looked at recent football controversies, changes to the law regarding tips and gratuities and the closure of a high street store that could affect hundreds of jobs. Those that missed it can find it here. [...]

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Manchester United part ways with Mason Greenwood

As many of you will already be aware, the footballer Mason Greenwood has recently had his charges of rape, assault, and domestic violence dropped after the victim withdrew her cooperation with the CPS. While the pressure placed on victims of sexual crimes lies outside of what we are looking at, there are important employment and [...]

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£100,000 Award for Gender Critical Tax Planner

This month saw an award of over £100k for an unfair dismissal and discrimination case from the Employment Tribunal. Maya Forstater, former visiting fellow for the Centre for Global Development, was awarded the sum following a tribunal judgment in her favour. The issue arose following several social media posts wherein Maya stated her gender critical [...]

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Butler v Synergy Health UK Limited

Welcome back to our case of the week, Last week we looked at the employment status of taxi driver, a regular issue on this blog. This week we're asking: "Do employers have to pay their staff when they're changing clothes?". The Claimant, Leslie Butler, had worked for the Respondent, Synergy Health UK Limited, as a [...]

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Lovingangels Care Ltd v B Mhindurwa

Hello and welcome back to our case of the week. Our last update looked at a COVID whistleblower that was awarded over £3 million pounds in her unfair dismissal claim!    In this week's update we are looking at a live-in carer who was made redundant during the pandemic, along with the unfair dismissal claim they [...]

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COVID Whistleblower Awarded More than £3.19m

A whistleblower in the Isle of Man has been awarded over three million pounds in compensation following her unfair dismissal claim. Dr Rosalind Ranson was a medical director at the Department of Health and Social Care up until 2022. Prior to her dismissal she had raised concerns about how advice relating to COVID was not [...]

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Moving Brands Limited & Ors v Heil & Laikkoo

Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for another case of the week. Our previous case looked at a hairdresser unfairly dismissed after taking too many Mondays off after partying at the weekends! You can find out more here. This week looks at a case involving Legal Professional Privilege, what it means and how it could [...]

Thornley v Acute Barbers

Hello again everyone and welcome back to our case of the week. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are suitably comatose from overconsumption of chocolate eggs! Last week's case had a dive into one of the few constructive dismissal claims that succeeded (only around 1 in 5 of them do) and [...]

Meaker v Cyxtera Technology UK Limited

Hello and thank you for joining us again for your weekly case law update. In case you missed it, our newsletter for March can be found here and had features on strike action, national minimum wage rates and an employee who was described as a pain in the arse! Before we get on to the [...]

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