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    Defending Tribunal Claims

    You have just been contacted by ACAS for early conciliation. You have just received a letter from the Employment Tribunal Service informing you of a claim against your business. Don’t panic. We are here to help.

    There are times when defending an employment tribunal claim is unavoidable, and at times not within your complete control. Especially if you have exhausted all internal policies and procedure, the outlook of defending an Employment Tribunal claim may seem daunting.

    Although with the help of an experienced employment solicitor to provide you with professional support and representation, the process can be significantly more comfortable.

    Our employment tribunal specialists have a range of expertise to provide you with ongoing assistance, from initial enquiries relating to the claim, to preparing your defence and the preparation for the tribunal.

    We will give you clear advice and inform you of the options available to you. We always find the best and most effective commercial outcome for our clients. This can be by arranging mediation, achieving a settlement through ACAS or a Settlement Agreement. We will act on your instruction – whether you wish to challenge the claim or to engage with the employee in an attempt to reach an early resolution. You decide, and we will assist in reaching your objective.

    We can assist you in the following disputes:

    To discuss how best to proceed, contact our employment solicitors and expert legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our quick online enquiry form.

    Areas of Expertise

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    Employment Law Advice

    An employment dispute can be a complicated matter, but our employment law solicitors will help you through all the stages of your Employment Tribunal claim.

    If you are a business owner or HR professional and your company or organisation is being taken to an Employment Tribunal. It’s vital that you seek advice and representation from an experienced employment law solicitor.

    Our employment lawyers are experts and have years of experience, are pragmatic, and dedicated when representing employers at employment tribunals and have successfully defended many employers.

    Our initial assessment and support in defence of your claim will provide you with:

    • An assessment of  the strength of the claim against you
    • Advise you on your prospects of successfully defending such a claim
    • Advise on the potential liability your organisation faces.
    • Advise on which options are available to you
    • Indicate the fees associated with defending your case
    • Providing a sound commercial approach towards resolving the case

    PJH Law Solicitors:                                                                                                                                      

    • Our experience includes acting for and representing a Premiership football team, small businesses, PLC’s, charities, and not for profit organisations
    • Our employment solicitors have specialised knowledge having practised employment law for a collective 50 years
    • Our pricing sets us apart from other firms
    • We can agree fixed Employment Tribunal fees or projects with you in advance
    • We provided commercially astute, legal and strategic advice in a straight forward manner
    • We are friendly, warm, hands-on, and proactive
    • We will deal with cases on both sides of the fence, so are well  placed to know how to deal  directly and efficiently resolve any employment law issue

    To discuss how best we can represent you, contact our employment solicitors and expert legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our quick online enquiry form.

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