Aviva – over correction?

On 13 December a Parliamentary Committee was held on 'champions of female representation in financial services to give evidence on Sexism in the City', which saw Amanda Blanc, Aviva's CEO, give statements to the committee tasked with identifying gender pay gaps and what progress needs to be made in the Financial Services industry. In a [...]

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Current Affairs – Does AI Discriminate?

Another throw back to our seminar was Phil’s session on automation and neuroscience. AI algorithms now help business in numerous ways including reading applicant body language during recruitment to even having a casting vote in deadlocked board meetings. Indeed AI is making life much easier by taking the mundane and difficult duties away from us. [...]

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Bessong v Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Greetings and welcome back to your weekly case law update, last week we looked at discrimination and harassment on the grounds of race and religion. This week we are once again looking at discrimination and harassment on the grounds of race although this time our case relates to harassment committed by a third party. It [...]

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Braine & Ors v The National Gallery

Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Much of last month’s newsletter had employment status features on British Cycling and Hermes, this week’s case follows that well-trodden path to determine whether the Claimants were employees, workers or self-employed. Employees are anyone who is employed to do work under a contract of […]

Saad v Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

Hello and welcome back to you weekly case law update. Last week, we had our monthly employment law update with features on the Boris Johnson burqa scandal, joint employment and working time. Before that, our previous case law update concerned agency workers. This week we have two cases for you, one on victimisation and another […]

Whistleblowing – Vegan Reports Animal Right’s Charity Over Pension Investments

Veganism is a belief and lifestyle whose subscribers do not consume any food or products that have come from animals. There are two kinds of vegans; health and lifestyle. Health vegans refrain from eating animal products due to the health benefits it has. Health vegans include athletes such as boxer David Haye and footballers Sergio […]

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Discrimination – All White/Male Recruitment Shortlist Bans

June marked the first time a guard wore a turban at the Trooping The Colour Parade, a landmark moment to show how the military is becoming more cosmopolitan and is not discriminating to alienate potential candidates. In a similar but less inspirational move, the BBC has announced it will end all-white candidate lists for senior […]

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The Employment Law Antidote to World Cup Fever

With May in the rear-view mirror, we welcome the return of our monthly Employment Law Update. Last month we looked at the Windrush Scandal and the outed Brexit whistleblower whilst last week’s case law update concerned disability discrimination and gross misconduct This month we look at football, dress codes, sex discrimination, and modern slavery. The Employment Law Antidote to World Cup Fever Football is once again […]

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City of York Council v Grosset

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we had two cases for you, one on employment status and another about race and religious discrimination. This week we have a disability discrimination case for you that also concerns unfair dismissal and gross misconduct. It is one we actually covered in our […]

Supreme Court Grants Equal Pension Rights

The Supreme Court has had a fine month. Not only has it declared ET fees unlawful it has also granted equal pension rights to same-sex spouse. In Walker v Innospec Ltd, Mr Walker, the Claimant, argued that, in the event of his death, Innospec, the Respondent, should pay his husband the same pension benefit as […]

Harron v Chief Constable of Dorset Police: Can a belief that public money is being wasted be discriminated against?

Our next case is about religion/belief discrimination and asks: Can a belief that public money is being wasted be discriminated against? Mr Harron, the Claimant, worked for Dorset Police, the Respondent. The Claimant believed that public service was improperly wasteful of money which he felt resulted in him being discriminated against. At a preliminary hearing […]

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British Cycling – A guide to discrimination and harassment

Our recent blog history might suggest that football is the only sport with a history of employment law issues. Well, we can now address this imbalance after the recent revelations about British Cycling technical director, Shane Sutton. Cyclist Jess Varnish, who has recently been dropped by GB Cycling after failing to qualify for the Rio […]

Thompson v London Central Bus Company – Can an employee suffer victimisation as a result of the protected acts of a third party?

Hello again. Following the death of David Bowie it would have been amazing to bring you a case about the music or space industries. However, cases related to these topics are few and far between so here is a one about buses. Today’s question Can an employee suffer victimisation as a result of the protected […]

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The British Waterways Board, Trading as Scottish Canals v Smith – Employee dismissed for drunk facebook status posted 3 years ago

Good afternoon, on a sunny Friday we thought it fitting that this weeks’ case concerns an employee posting drunk comments on Facebook when they were on standby to work. Maybe it’s best not to sneak off early to the beer garden. The question this week is: Is it fair dismiss to an employee for a […]