Constructive Dismissal

The Legal Takeaways from Philip Rutnam’s Resignation Statement

3 Takeaways from Philip Rutnam’s resignation statement: “Shouting and swearing, belittling people, making unreasonable and repeated demands…

Ogilvie Construction Ltd v Brown – Can an employee be constructively dismissed if they did not intend to terminate their employment when resigning?

Sharfudeen v TJ Morris Ltd T/A Home Bargains – Can the rejection of a grievance amount to a fundamental breach of trust and confidence?

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Wright v Silverline Care Caledonia Ltd – Can a Claimant who has been found to be unfairly constructively dismissed be denied compensation for declining an offer of re-employment from the Respondent?

Nicholson v Hazel House Nursing Home Ltd – A guide to constructive dismissal and maternity discrimination