Crawford v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd

  Sticking with the theme of transport based Respondents, our next case has shifted from airlines to train lines and concerns rest breaks and working time. The question in this case is: Does not having a continuous 20-minute rest break constitute a breach of the working time regulations? For most jobs, rest breaks are covered […]

Santos Gomes v Higher Level Care Ltd – Working Time Regulations

In PJH Law’s last case of the week before the referendum, we have a case involving law derived from an European Directive and interpretation of both the EU Directive and the UK implementation of that directive. Santos Gomes v Higher Level Care Ltd – The Working Time Directive is an EU directive which sets […]

Impact of leaving the E.U. on HR and Employment Law

Whether you are vote remain, exit/Brexit (not a real word), undecided or uninformed the E.U Referendum is certainly the talk of the town right now. Those of you who attended our seminar may remember the final section about the impacts of leaving the E.U on HR/employment law and we thought that as this was final […]

Mobile workers – commute to and from home counts as working time

In a recent case the European Court of Justice has ruled that mobile worker’s travel time between home and job sites is classed as working time. The case concerns a security system installation company whose workers brought claims after their employer wanted travel time between home and customer to be classed as rest time. The ECJ has […]

EU Exit/Brexit – Potential Impacts

  The European Union has been a contentious issue in the UK from practically the day we joined. However with David Cameron promising a referendum there is a real possibility that the UK might leave the E.U in the near future.. Here are some of the impacts an European separation might have on employment law. […]