I was reading today that the Employment Tribunal service no longer produces statistics for the number of employment tribunal claims.  Us lawyers have for some time pored over the figures, looking at the number of claims received and the breakdown of the jurisdictions and how many claims went to hearing. The last statistics are for the period to March 2007.  The Tribunal must still keep them to show they are meeting their targets but they are no longer publishing them.  We have to ask ourselves why?

Could it be that they show all the incentives have failed? Would the reality show the statutory grievance and disciplinary procedures for the failure they were publically hailed to be.  Do not fear, we can still see the number of claims is alive and well.  Take these few rather contraversial claims all against the public sector in the last few days:

1. Racial discrimination against Bedfordshire constabulary.

2. The Haringey Children’s services chief suing for unfair dismissal after she was dismissed following the baby P scandal. 

3. A partly paralysed man appealing after the ET rejected is claim for disability discrimination after his application for mobile survellience officer was rejected by MI5.

What is your view – do Tribunal claims continue to rise?