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Fees and Services

In this uncertain economic climate, offering clear and open pricing is as important to us as it is to you. Our pricing and additional services set us apart from other law firms.

We understand that everyone has different needs, so instead of providing one pricing option for everybody, we want to offer a price suited to your individual needs. When you speak to us, we will take the time to fully appreciate your circumstances and understand the help and advice you may need. We know that at these times there is a lot of emotion and stress, and we’ll be able to provide you will good advice and support. Our employment lawyers have years of experience and are here to help you at these times.

It’s important to us that you pay the right fee in the right way for the service that you require. Find below some of the examples of how you may like to pay and fund your legal advice or claim:

  • Pay by the hour for the time we spend on your case
  • Fixed fees – we may agree on a fixed price with you for the whole case
  • You may have legal expense insurance through various insurances you have
  • No Win, No Fee basis – after our initial discussion we’ll inform you if your claim is eligible

We recognise the importance and security of clear transparent pricing of our legal services. As such, we are delighted to offer a range of pricing options for you.

For an initial consultation (with no time limit) to find out if you have got a case and gain peace of mind of seeking expert legal advice from our employment solicitors, please call us on 01780 757 589, requests a callback or complete our fast track on line enquiry form.


Legal Expense Insurance

Check your household insurance – we can help you to see if you are covered
Subject to the Prospect test of 51% or higher
your legal expense insurance will cover your legal fees
Initial Consultation – no time limit. Find out if you have got a case and
gain peace of mind by seeking expert legal advice

Legal Expense Insurance

Nothing to pay – when fees are covered by your insurance

£150 plus VAT

By the Hour

Principal / Associate Solicitor
Assistant Solicitor
Counsel fees – Per day cost range from
Travel expenses discussed in advance
Typically Claims take between 30-75 hrs to conclude

By the Hour

£200 plus VAT
£160 plus VAT
£150 plus VAT
£500- £1500 plus VAT
Discussed in advance

Fixed Fee

We may agree a fixed fee with you
Depends on the complexity of the claim
Always agreed from the outset
Initial Consultation (no time limit)
Typical fixed fee for Unfair Dismissal
Payable over 3 months
Settlement Agreements

Fixed Fee

Call to discuss

£150 plus VAT
£5000 -£15000 plus VAT

We will agree a fee with you, normally
paid for by your employer

No win, No Fee basis

We will advise you within 30 days of our first meeting
whether your claim is eligible for a no win/no fee
The success threshold is 60%
If it meets the threshold, the fees will be:

No win, No Fee basis

Call to discuss

a. 25% plus vat of any settlement if the claim settles more than 7 days before the hearing
b. 35% including vat of any settlement or award if the claim settles within 7 days
of the hearing or settles at or after hearing
c. If Counsel is used then you will be responsible for costs as mentioned above
d. If counsel fees are incurred then the percentage at points (a) and (b) will
decrease to 20% plus VAT

Tribunal Claims usually have the following stages:

a. ACAS conciliation completed within 3 months of incident or dismissal
b. Claim submitted within 30 days of the date of early conciliation
c. Employers have 30 days to respond to the claim being accepted by the ET
d. Most claims then have the following stages:
i. Preparation of schedule of loss
ii. Disclosure of documents
iii. Agreement on documents to be used at the hearing
iv. Preparation of Hearing Bundle of documents
v. Witness statements from relevant witnesses
vi. Exchange of witness statements
vii. Preparation of list of issues, chronology, and case list
viii. Hearing
ix. Remedy Hearing

e. Claims take between 26 and 52 weeks to conclude all the Tribunal process

Tribunal Claims usually have the following stages:

For more detail please call us

* For further details regarding Tribunal Claims and the process, please click here


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