Atif v Dolce & Gabbana UK Ltd

Hello again and welcome back to another case of the week.  For those who missed last week’s case on disability discrimination and whistleblowing can click here. This week, we look at the case of Atif v Dolce & Gabbana UK Ltd regarding a claim of race discrimination. The Claimant, Ms Atif worked at the well-known [...]

Dr Nicholas Jones v The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Welcome back to another case of the week.  Last week our newsletter covered a professor who suffered victimisation, harassment and direct discrimination for expressing her views at a Women’s Place UK talk, mass redundancy at Port Talbot and DPD learning that it’s not just disgruntled employees that can be disloyal when its own AI chatbot stated [...]

Mr Allan Steele v The Ministry of Defence

Hello again and welcome back to our case of the week. Last week we had our monthly newsletter for October 2023, where we looked at Freddie Flintoff’s settlement with the BBC and employers aiming to be more inclusive to reflect equality and diversity in their recruitment processes. In our lighter side of the news, we [...]

Hotlines and Hot Water at McDonalds

Over 100 members of staff, past and present, have come forward alleging sexual abuse, harassment, racism and bullying against managers in the ubiquitous food giant this month. Victims as young as 16 have come forward with shocking stories of the kind of conduct they have had to deal with. The victim describes her story: 'Every shift [...]

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Is Your Company Culturally Clueless? The Risks of Ignoring Cultural Awareness in the Workplace. Welcome back to our weekly case update. We hope you are all looking forward to the last long weekend in May! Especially as the next bank holiday isn't until August. For those unfortunate enough to have missed our last update, you [...]

Arvunescu v Quick Release Ltd

This week we are looking at COT3 agreements. COT3 agreements are akin to settlement agreements that settles potential or actual Employment Tribunal claims. Unlike a settlement agreement, a COT3 does not require an employee to obtain legal advice for a binding agreement. The agreements are also finalised and often negotiated via ACAS Early Conciliators. The [...]

London Fire Brigade Report Reveals Culture of Racism and Misogyny

Last month we heard of a disturbing culture in The Royal Navy submarines. This month a report has revealed the London Fire Brigade is little better. An independent review found there was a disturbing culture of bullying and harassment against both ethnic minorities and women and this was evident at all levels of the service. [...]

Joined Cases and WABE and MH Müller Handel

Hello and welcome to this week’s case of the week. This week, we will be looking at whether a company policy that requires employees to remove their hijabs is discriminatory. This is an EU law case. We are no longer in the EU, so this law is no longer binding in our courts, but nevertheless [...]

PJHLaw June 2021 Newsletter

Tribunal Finds General Medical Council Liable for Race Discrimination The Reading employment tribunal has found the General Medical Council liable for direct race discrimination. Dr. O Karim is an NHS doctor of African/ European ethnicity. Complaints were made against him in 2013/2014, culminating in a Fitness to Practice Tribunal (FTP) in 2018 (a tribunal that [...]

Allay Ltd (UK) v Mr S Gehlen

This week's case is an important one for businesses who are seeking to reduce potential liability in the respect of the actions of their employees and workers. In essence, the EAT have said that any diversity and equality training that has gone "stale" and out of date will not allow an employer to argue that they [...]

Lyfar-Cisse v Brighton And Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Today we look at a case where The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) rejects an appeal by an NHS equality boss who told her co-worker that he was “everything she despised in a white manager”. The Facts Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé was employed by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust as their Associate Director of Transformation, having [...]

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Date v Ministry of Defence

Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at a first tier Employment Tribunal case concerning disability discrimination and health and safety. This week, we are again looking at discrimination but on the grounds of race, not disability. As with last week’s case, this case is an Employment Tribunal judgment that [...]

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Base Children’s Wear v Otshudi

  Greetings to all our readers. I hope that the frost hasn’t bitten and your disposition remains sunny. This week’s case asks a perennial HR question, a question so evergreen that it never goes out of fashion. This week’s question: When dismissing a short service employee does the employer tell the truth about the reason [...]

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Lighter Side of the News – Sacked for Racist Auto Correct

We round the decade off the same way we finish any update, with a tale of someone being a plonker. Oliver de Planta was a services administrator at Newcastle university. Four days into starting his position he sent an email to a BAME colleague addressing the colleague as Hash Brown. He was ultimately dismissed for [...]

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