Uber Face Fresh Legal Challenge over Alleged ‘Robo-Firing’

Four Uber drivers have asked a court in the Netherlands to overrule a decision to deactivate their accounts that they allege was based solely on the incorrect findings of an algorithm. The four drivers (3 from the UK and 1 from Portugal) were accused by Uber of having engaged in fraudulent activities. They deny this [...]

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Lopez Ribalda and Others v Spain

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all our readers. This year’s first case of the week asks the question: Will an employer who covertly records its employees using CCTV be in breach of those employees’ human rights or their rights under the Data Protection Act? The Human Rights Act 1998 enshrines into UK [...]

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Data Protection – Morrison’s Loses Appeal

Anyone who has handled the GDPR transition will be well aware of Morrison’s data leak. For those that aren’t, Andrew Skelton, a disgruntled employee who had access to payroll data, posted sensitive personal data of over 99,000 employees on a file-sharing website. This was done to try and frame a colleague with whom he had […]

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Lighter Side of the News – Takeaway Driver Sacked For Calling Customer Beautiful

As always, we round off with a tale of foolishness and stupidity. Last month it was a HR Manager who was shot at and an employee who was sacked by AI. This month we have a delivery driver who clearly wasn’t au fait with current social mores. A delivery driver for a kebab house in […]

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E-Learning – Last Few Discounts Left

If you aren’t ready for the GDPR then you need to hurry as it comes into force in just a week’s time. We still have a few discounts left for our online GDPR training course aimed at managers. To find out more about our e-learning course discount and in-house training please follow the link

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GDPR E-Learning Training Course

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in just two weeks. Thankfully, there is still chance to grab the final few discounts for our E-Learning course. This offer is limited to the first 50 people who input the code. Once those 50 discounts have been used there will be no more discounts. To get […]

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GDPR E-Learning Course

  The General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) comes into force in just 3 weeks (25th May) and will change the definition of data, how businesses process data as well as how data subjects give consent for their data to be processed. The new regulations will introduce stronger financial penalties for companies who break the […]

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DWP v Mughal – Can a disciplinary sanction be outside the range of reasonable responses if an employer has chosen the sanction based on a decision making matrix?

Last week we looked at disability discrimination and whether a sick note from a GP automatically qualified you disabled for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010. This week we will be looking at reasonable disciplinary sanctions and mitigating circumstances in relation to unfair dismissal claims. The case also concerns data protection. When an employer dismisses […]

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