Last Chance to Furlough New Employees

Back in April we wrote about the potential for employers to use the Furlough scheme to subsidise notice costs for employees being made redundant Under changes to the furlough scheme announced at the end of May, today is the last day on which new employees can be placed on Furlough. Employees who have not [...]

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April 2020 Newsletter

Despite April only having 30 days, the seemingly longest month of our lives has ended, which means it is time for our employment law update to round up some of the employment law news of the month. COVID-19 has dominated all news including employment law but will only feature as a segue or McGuffin into [...]

CJRS Notice and Holiday Pay

The CJRS was implemented to aid employers to keep employees employed so that business could return to usual once restrictions are lifted with the minimum possible adverse effect on the economy. Indeed the RS of CJRS stands for Retention Scheme. It is therefore noteworthy that there is a) no provision in the furlough scheme rules [...]

Your handy guide to key HR terms in the age of Covid-19

PJH Law has been helping employers through this difficult period. Here are some key terms that explain the different options. Key Terms: Short time is less than half a week’s work and pay in any one week for the purposes of redundancy pay under section 147, but any one workless day in any week for [...]

Covid19 the Special Employment Law Edition

This week we will be giving a snapshot view of key issues arising this week with our employer clients. Lay off /Short Time/ Redundancy: Many employers out there are facing a reduction in income and a fixed wage bill. Mr Micawber would not be happy at this state of affairs – many employers’ expenditure will [...]

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East London NHS Foundation Trust v O’Connor

After a steady flow of harassment related cases over the past few weeks we move back into the far more mundane world of redundancy. The question in this case is: If a role is deleted and the employee works in an alternative role for more than four weeks, does this prevent the employee from being [...]

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Brexit News: Redundancy Anxiety

According to recent statistics, four in ten staff claimed that the UK’s plan to leave the EU, which has now been delayed until 31 October, has resulted in their employer cutting jobs and 49% believed more redundancies were on the way. Employees are aware of the impact Brexit uncertainty has on organisations, half suggested that […]

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April Employment Law Update – Redundancy Pay & Tribunal Awards

On 6th April, the amount of money a Tribunal can award will also increase. The new rates are as follows: Week’s pay (for purposes of calculating redundancy pay and Tribunal basic awards) – £525.00 Maximum basic award for unfair dismissal and statutory redundancy payment – £15,750.00 Minimum basic award (for health & safety and trade […]

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Pregnancy & Maternity – Redundancy Protection Extended

It is believed over 50,000 women lose their jobs each year as a result of being pregnant or taking maternity leave. One in nine women surveyed by the Department for Business and Energy said they had been dismissed, made redundant or felt they had to resign following their return from having a child. Following a […]

Book Alert – A Practical Guide to Redundancy

It’s the last day of the month, December is on the horizon, Advent Calendars are being purchased, Christmas Trees are going up, Quality Street tins are being cracked open and our newsletter is hot off the digital press. We know which of these is our favourite, pass the Green Triangle! Last week’s case law update […]

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Mirab v Mentor Graphics (UK) Ltd

Our next case concerns redundancy. In redundancy exercises employers have a duty to look for suitable alternative positions for any employee that is put at risk of redundancy. Sometimes an employer will deploy an at risk employee into a role that is currently occupied and dismiss the displaced employee instead. This process is known as […]

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Keeping Kids Company

Keeping Kids Company (In compulsory liquidation) v Smith & Ors Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Those of you who missed it, last week we had our employment law update for February with features on the gig economy, forthcoming legislation and sex discrimination. This week, it has been snowing a […]

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Seahorse Maritime Ltd v Nautilus International (A Trade Union) – Does a vessel constitute as an establishment for the purposes of redundancy consultation?

  Our final case this week concerns redundancy. And asks: Does a vessel constitute as an establishment for the purposes of redundancy consultation? Seahorse Maritime Ltd, the Respondent, had a fleet of 25 vessels that each had their own crew. The Respondent announced some redundancies and did individual instead of collective consultation as there were […]

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