Mrs J Williams V Newport City Council

Welcome to our case of the week update, this week's case asks the question; Is dismissing an employee for failing to attend court hearings fair? For anyone that missed last week's update, wherein an RAF Legal Officer brought a claim for victimisation, you can find that here. Now, onto our case this week! The Claimant [...]

Mr Allan Steele v The Ministry of Defence

Hello again and welcome back to our case of the week. Last week we had our monthly newsletter for October 2023, where we looked at Freddie Flintoff’s settlement with the BBC and employers aiming to be more inclusive to reflect equality and diversity in their recruitment processes. In our lighter side of the news, we [...]

Matthew Riley v Direct Line Insurance Group Plc

Welcome all to our mid-September case of the week. In our last update we looked at a claim for failing to make reasonable adjustments for a prospective employee. Those that missed it can find it here. This week we look at whether an employee can agree to leave the business and bring a claim for [...]

Lighter Side of the News

In this month's lighter side of the news we look at a recent claim wherein a male nurse, Mr Marsh, won a sex discrimination claim against the NHS. Being the only male within his health visitor team, he was routinely the butt of jokes by the female staff, including from his boss Ms Sanchez! When [...]

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Hotlines and Hot Water at McDonalds

Over 100 members of staff, past and present, have come forward alleging sexual abuse, harassment, racism and bullying against managers in the ubiquitous food giant this month. Victims as young as 16 have come forward with shocking stories of the kind of conduct they have had to deal with. The victim describes her story: 'Every shift [...]

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RAF Guilty of Discrimination

Findings from an official enquiry have found that the RAF has unlawfully discriminated against white men in a boost to increase diversity. Following resignations of senior staff who refused to implement the decisions, Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Knighton has apologised to those affected. In the apology, while it was acknowledged that 'some men were discriminated [...]


Is Your Company Culturally Clueless? The Risks of Ignoring Cultural Awareness in the Workplace. Welcome back to our weekly case update. We hope you are all looking forward to the last long weekend in May! Especially as the next bank holiday isn't until August. For those unfortunate enough to have missed our last update, you [...]

Thornley v Acute Barbers

Hello again everyone and welcome back to our case of the week. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are suitably comatose from overconsumption of chocolate eggs! Last week's case had a dive into one of the few constructive dismissal claims that succeeded (only around 1 in 5 of them do) and [...]

Lighter Side of the News

We end this newsletter with a recent employment matter that made its way into the news, an NHS Scientist has successfully argued discrimination following her name being changed to ‘PainInArse’ on a work spreadsheet. Along with having the contents of a ‘fluid sample’ thrown at her and her colleagues, this was unsurprisingly not the best [...]

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Earl Shilton Town Council v Miller

Hello Jaquiline and welcome back to our case law update. Our last case law update covered disability discrimination and redundancy. This week we are looking at sex discrimination and adequate toilet facilities. Before going down the rabbit (plug) hole of this topic a brief housekeeping point to mention of our upcoming seminar. A huge thank [...]

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Hilaire v Luton Borough Council

Good morning Jaquiline and welcome back to our weekly case law update. Earlier this week we sent out our January update which had features on menopause, discrimination, parental leave during strikes and our seminar. This week we are looking at redundancy and disability discrimination.  The question this week is: Does requiring a disabled employee to attend [...]

Menopause Discrimination

This month the government rejected a recommendation by the Women and Equalities Committee to include menopause as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. The reasons for this were that a women experiencing menopause could bring a claim under the protected characteristics of either age, sex or disability depending on the nature of how [...]

Ellis v Bacon and Advanced Fire Solutions Ltd

It's Friday! Not only are you close to the weekend but you can read another case law update. Last week we looked at redundancy consultation processes and the pitfalls of not doing them. This week we are looking at marriage/civil partnership discrimination. This occurs when someone receives less favourable treatment due to them being married/in [...]

Arvunescu v Quick Release Ltd

This week we are looking at COT3 agreements. COT3 agreements are akin to settlement agreements that settles potential or actual Employment Tribunal claims. Unlike a settlement agreement, a COT3 does not require an employee to obtain legal advice for a binding agreement. The agreements are also finalised and often negotiated via ACAS Early Conciliators. The [...]