Tribunal Statistics

Since the abolition of Tribunal fees last year, the number of Tribunal claims have predictably increased. For the April-June 2018 period, claims are up by 165% from the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, nearly twelve and a half thousand fee refund payments have been made equating to around £10m.

The figures show that the average unfair dismissal award is £15,000 with disability discrimination having the highest average award of over £30,000. That figure may come as a surprise to those who noticed the volume and high injury feeling awards in sexual harassment claims as a result of the MeToo movement and Weinstein scandal. It is possible the next set of figures will show this due to a litigation time lag.

Speaking of which, the figures also show a record number of outstanding cases (cases yet to be heard) up 130% from last year. We have previously mentioned it is common to a 12-18 month gap between the claim being issued and hearing date meaning litigation will have lasted 18-24 months when limitation, Early Conciliation, Preliminary Hearings,   and Remedy hearings are factored in.