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    Discrimination Claims

    Discrimination in the workplace takes place. Nowadays it is likely to be covert rather than overt, latent rather than blatant.

    Currently, in the workplace, it is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of age, sex and sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief.

    Discrimination has a variety of definitions:

    • Victimisation – treating an employee or worker unfairly if they have complained of discrimination or given evidence or information in a discrimination claim or grievance.
    • Direct Discrimination – treating an employee with a protected characteristic less favourably because of that characteristic than another employee without that characteristic.
    • Direct Discrimination – failure to make reasonable adjustments.
    • Harassment – creating an environment where an employee or worker feels violated or intimidated because of a protected characteristic. A failure to make reasonable adjustments because of a disability or unfavourable treatment relating to the disability.

    Discrimination against someone on the grounds of a particular characteristic is not something that employers should allow to take place.

    We are happy to provide advice, and our specialist employment law solicitors and HR professionals are on hand to help you. For more information, please contact our employment solicitors and expert legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our quick enquiry form.

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    Discrimination Consideration for Businesses

    No matter how hard you try, discrimination in the workplace can occur in different ways, with some of the most common being discrimination on the grounds of sex and race.

    Although at times, when discrimination does happen, it may be more subtle, difficult to identify and therefore, for an employer more difficult to resolve.

    At PJH Law, our employment law solicitors understand how best to handle discrimination claims, and have expert knowledge in the law relating to many circumstances. We can provide you with clear legal advice, plus the support and guidance to minimise the risk of a potential employment tribunal claim.


    • There is no minimum length of service to bring discrimination claims
    • Discrimination has claims can result in uncapped compensation against both the employer and any individual employees.
    • Plus they can also award compensation for injury to feelings.

    Discrimination claims can often be resolved directly with us acting on your behalf, ensuring your business interests are protected at all times.

    For advice about Employment Discrimination or any questions regarding Employment Law, you can contact our employment lawyers and expert legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our quick online enquiry form.

    Alternatively most employers are unaware that an employer has a ready made defence against discrimination called the reasonably practicable steps defence.

    That defence means that the liability for any discrimination or harassment falls on the individual perpetrator rather than the employer.

    In order to make out the defence you need to show:

    1. That you have a policy and or procedure.
    2. That you have trained your employees and workers in your policy and procedure.

    We have a ready made online tool that protects your business by:

    1. Ensuring you have the policies and procedures in place.
    2. Ensuring that you can show that your employees and workers have been trained in those procedures.

    For more information call us on 01780 757589.

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