Both Claimants and Respondents want to know when their case will be heard and when they will receive or have to pay any award.

The answer according to the latest Tribunal statistics (at page 118) is that there is a 74% chance the hearing will commence within 26 weeks of the Tribunal receiving the ET1 form. This is slightly below the target set of 75%.

As we all know, statistics can be misleading. For anyone, anywhere in the country to think they are 74%likely to get a hearing in this time is unfortunately not likely because the 74% is an average across all Tribunals throughout the country. Tribunal claims go to the Tribunal nearest to where the Claimant worked. My experience is that some Tribunals smash the 75% target frequently, yet others drag well behind, so although all are working to get to hearing in 26 weeks, some parties in some areas stand a much better chance of getting to hearing on time than others.