RAF Guilty of Discrimination

Findings from an official enquiry have found that the RAF has unlawfully discriminated against white men in a boost to increase diversity. Following resignations of senior staff who refused to implement the decisions, Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Knighton has apologised to those affected. In the apology, while it was acknowledged that 'some men were discriminated [...]

Care Home Workers

We are acting for 127 care home workers who were dismissed from their jobs for failing to provide to their employers satisfactory evidence of clinical reasons for non-vaccination. We are bringing claims of unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination against the care home employers  as well as Sajid Javid personally, Ian Trenholm personally, and the DHSC [...]

Follows v Nationwide Building Society

Employment Tribunal Allows Claim for Indirect Associative Discrimination Hello and welcome back to our case of the week blog. This week’s case looks at a landmark employment tribunal decision to uphold a claim for indirect associative discrimination. What is indirect associative discrimination? It helps to rehearse the basics of discrimination law. Direct discrimination is where [...]

Shipp v City Sprint UK Limited

This week’s Case of The Week demonstrates that what some colleagues might perceive to be office banter and ‘a bit of a laugh’ may well result in employers paying out a hefty sum in compensation. We also see how an attitude of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can land an employer in hot water. [...]

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Dobson v North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

  Introduction Hello and welcome to our case of the week blog. This week, we have an indirect sex discrimination claim. It concerns childcare responsibilities and flexible working. Facts Gemma Dobson was a community nurse for an NHS trust. She begun employment in 2004. In 2008, she submitted a flexible working request (to work the [...]

Wisbey v Commissioner of the City of London Police & Anr

Can an award for injury to feelings be made even if the discrimination was indirect and unintentional? The short answer is yes. However, section 124 of the Equality Act 2010 stipulates that a tribunal cannot make such an award before considering making a declaration (a statement as to the rights of the parties) or a [...]

Cumming v British Airways plc

This case looks at how indirect discrimination cases are brought and determined. The firm’s Principal calls direct discrimination blatant discrimination and indirect discrimination latent discrimination. Latent discrimination is where apparently neutral requirements are put in place but on further examination those requirements impact one sex or race more than others. Those requirements need to be [...]

Heskett v Secretary of State for Justice

This case looks at in what circumstances indirectly discriminatory measures can be justified by employers and adds an interesting and relevant twist to the principle that generally employers can’t justify such policies by arguing that they cut costs. The Facts Mr. Heskett worked for the National Probation Service (NPS) as a Probation Officer. Owing to [...]