Arturs Kurklis

"Thank you for your time and effort and believing in me and winning the case together with me for justice! I’m proud and lucky that you all as a team accepted me and my case and believed in me. I am grateful from bottom Of my heart."

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"Thank you for all your help with my employment matter. Samantha was informative, professional and honest when dealing with my case. Samantha made me aware of the different outcomes depending on the course of action taken which gave me a much better understanding going forward."

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"Philip was extremely helpful and enabled me to get the settlement that I was hoping for when unexpectedly I lost my job. I would definitely recommend using PJH Law to anyone facing a similar issue."

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Michelle Bugby

"Thank you PJH Law for guiding me through a difficult and stressful time. My partner and I arrived for my initial meeting with Samantha and left feeling positive and well informed on my situation. Ongoing contact during the process of my case and the steps involved kept me fully informed until its completion. Any queries [...]

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Colin Dickson

"When I contacted PJH law I was very impressed with the calm and professional way in which they helped me and also kept me up to date on all matters with my case. I would like to thank all the staff at PJH Law for helping me, especially Joe Hyland."

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Stephen Robertson

 "A huge thank you to Joe and everyone at PJH Law for all their help, advice and assistance. I found them to be extremely professional and compassionate. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone experiencing employment difficulties."

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Steve Thompson

"I wanted to thank you for PJH Law’s exceptional service and attention during a case that you have been handling for us for over a year now.  I was recommended PJH Law and specifically Liam Pike from a previous experience a legal colleague had with him on another case.  I have dealt with several employment [...]

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" Phil, dealt with my employment matter quickly and efficiently, advising me through a stressful situation and achieving a positive result. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance on any employment matter."

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Angela Walker

"This company was amazing! Handled my case quickly and efficiently. I was so pleased to feel someone was on my side and supporting me. All communications were clear and I was able to make clear choices as the case progressed. Off course I was also delighted to receive the payments I was owed very quickly. [...]

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Helen Warner

"Thank you for your tailored service, great communication and, of course, nailing the result! It was the other stuff, too, like printing off the correspondence I needed at the last minute. You were amazing!"

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"I was given Philip Hyland's (pjhlaw) details from an ex-colleague and I'm glad he did. Philip guided me through the process of redundancy and fought hard to secure a settlement payment that I thought was fair and just. I was very happy with the service that Philip provided and I will use him again if [...]

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Alexander Matthew Wilson

"I was recommended PJHLaw by a colleague when I entered a termination of employment negotiation with my previous employer. My initial impression was of a very professional and friendly team who immediately put me and my genuine concerns to rest and proceeded to work actively and diligently on my case. Joe Hyland, who represented me, [...]

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