Employment Status – The Presenter Formally known as Lorraine Kelly

The overwhelming tide of employment status and gig economy cases has been people wishing to prove that they are employees and/or workers and thus entitled to better employment rights. However, this month, Lorraine Kelly won a landmark tax case to establish she was self-employed and not an employee of ITV. HMRC implemented IR35 to clamp […]

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Braine & Ors v The National Gallery

Good morning and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Much of last month’s newsletter had employment status features on British Cycling and Hermes, this week’s case follows that well-trodden path to determine whether the Claimants were employees, workers or self-employed. Employees are anyone who is employed to do work under a contract of […]

Jess Varnish – Employment Status not Upheld

Hello and welcome back to another employment law update, your monthly round up of all things employment law. Last month’s update had features on tribunal statistics, maternity rights and equal pay. Meanwhile, last week’s case law update looked at restrictive covenants. This week, we have a lot for you. Particularly some good PJH Law news. […]

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Chatfeild-Roberts v Phillips

This week we are once again looking at employment status but through the lens of domestic staff. The question this week is: The Claimant, Ms Phillips, was a carer who found work via the agency Universal Aunts. Mr Chatfeild-Roberts, the Respondent, used the agency to arrange overnight carers for his uncle, Colonel Brooke. The Claimant […]

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Current Affairs – British Cycling and Employment Status

Good morning and welcome to your monthly employment law update, the final update of any kind this year (cue dramatic music)! A huge thank you to everyone who has read every update this year, you deserve a vast quantity of presents, food & alcohol for your dedication! Last month’s update had features on the possible […]

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Gig Economy – Taylor Report Plans Announced

Regular readers will know that PJH Law has banged on about Government inertia when it comes to enacting suggestions made by the Taylor Report. This week, in what can only be assumed was an exercise of pre-Christmas desk clearing, the Government has announced plans to enact the report. The new measures include: Extending Section 1 […]

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Independent Workers Union of Great Britain v Central Arbitration Committee

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Due to the PJH Law Christmas shutdown starting Friday 21st December, this is your final case law update of 2018 (cheer/gasp/cry delete as appropriate). Last week we veered away from employment law to look at a peculiar and tragic personal injury case following a poorly […]

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Gig Economy – Long-Awaited Implementation of the Taylor Report Mooted

The Taylor Report has been sat in the long grass for some time, we reference it in nearly every gig economy case! This month saw the Business Secretary propose introducing some of the Taylor Report recommendations. These included: Allowing gig workers to request fixed-term or fixed-hours contracts after 12 months Simplify criteria to help determine […]

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Addison Lee Ltd v Lange & Ors – Employment Status Confirmed

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at disciplinary investigations and unfair dismissal, this week we are looking at employment status and the gig economy. This week we also have some exciting news relating to an upcoming book that a member of PJH Law has written. Find out […]

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British Airways v Pinaud

Hello and welcome back to your weekly case law update. Last week we looked at director liability for whistleblowing claims and how this can pose a serious risk to directors if the employer becomes insolvent. This week we are looking at part-time workers and less-favourable treatment. Regulation 5 of the Part-Time Workers (Prevention of Less […]

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Leyland & Ors v Hermes Parcelnet Ltd

Our next case concerns the gig economy. It is an ET case so is not binding on other cases but is indicative of how the judiciary approach similar cases. Employment status and the gig economy is rapidly becoming two irritating buzzwords because every time they are mentioned it is closely followed by phrases like “grey […]

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Gig Economy – New PAYE System For Gig Workers

The overriding theme of the gig economy is that everything is up in the air and very little is certain. Government inaction has meant case law has taken over but that could yet be overruled by new legislation. One of the many non definitive- indicators of employment status is whether the employee or employer handles […]

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