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    Employment Discrimination

    Experiencing discrimination at any time in your life can be very distressing, but facing discrimination at work, can be even more upsetting because of the amount of time you spend there and the relationships you have with your colleagues.

    It can be challenging to come forward when you have experienced discrimination at work, but you don’t have to accept it. Our expert team of employment law solicitors have years of experience helping people who have encountered various types of discrimination in the workplace.

    We have acted, advised and resolved many kinds of discrimination disputes, so for advice about discrimination you have faced in the workplace, please contact our employment lawyers and legal team on 01780 757 589 request a call-back or complete our fast track online enquiry form.

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    Type of Discrimination

    Discrimination against someone on the grounds of a particular characteristic is not something that employers should allow to take place.

    Although no matter how hard they try, discrimination in the workplace can occur in different ways, with some of the most common being discrimination on the grounds of:

    • Sexual Orientation
    • Disability
    • Race
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Religion

    Our employment solicitors understand how best to handle discrimination claims, and have expert knowledge in the law relating to your circumstance. We are specialist employment law solicitors and therefore can provide you with clear legal advice, plus the support and guidance at your difficult time.

    Discrimination claims can often be resolved directly with your employer with us acting on your behalf, ensuring your interests are protected at all times.

    Discrimination is difficult to prove. Overtly discriminatory behaviour for example being subject to a racist, ageist or sexist remark is no longer common. Subtle and overt discrimination is more common, for example a black employee being passed over for promotion when white colleagues with less skill or experience are promoted . We understand this.

    You need to be able to show that you have been treated less favourably than a colleague and the reason for that treatment relates to a protected characteristic.

    Employment Tribunal claims need carefully setting out. Here’s where we can help. We have decades of experience in discrimination cases dating back to 1992. We have taken cases to court that have achieved widespread publicity, including the underwear model who was sexually harassed whilst on location shoot with BHS. Read further details here.

    We want to help you right a wrong. We can do this by representing you bringing a claim to Employment Tribunal, including representing you injudicial or ACAS  mediation or conciliation..

    No form of discrimination is acceptable and suffering from discrimination is undoubtedly an emotional and stressful time.

    For a friendly and understanding discussion of your situation you can contact our employment lawyers and legal team on 01780 757 589 request a call-back or complete our quick online enquiry form.

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