Outsourcing Reporting and the Doctrine of the ‘Joint Employer’

This month’s newsletter introduces the idea of the ‘joint employer’ following a landmark outsourcing case. This could be seen as another employment status headache for employers who adopt such practices. This case was heard before the Central Arbitration Committee, who hear most union recognition disputes. Outsourcing is the practice of having certain jobs being done […]

Ministry of Justice v Blackford

This week’s case concerns less favourable treatment of part time workers. Regulation 5 of the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 states a part-time worker has the right not to be treated less favourably than a full-time comparator by their employer. Therefore, the question this week is: Does not extending a compulsory/statutory […]

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Mobile workers – commute to and from home counts as working time

In a recent case the European Court of Justice has ruled that mobile worker’s travel time between home and job sites is classed as working time. The case concerns a security system installation company whose workers brought claims after their employer wanted travel time between home and customer to be classed as rest time. The ECJ has […]