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    Fees and Services

    Our pricing and additional services set us apart from other law firms.

    In an ever-changing economic climate, we recognise the importance of being flexible and offering pricing that suits many funding options suitable to your business. Our comprehensive range of fixed fee and free value-added services are designed to help your business resolve any Employment Law issue in the most cost-effective manner.

    PJH Law is an award-winning specialist employment law firm with over 90% of our workload dedicated to employment law. We are renowned for our fair billing, adding value and we have a spotless compliance record.

    For more information on services available, please call us on 01780 757 589, request a call back or complete our online enquiry form.


    By the HourCall to your employee needs and our cost

    Principal / Associate Solicitor£300 plus VAT
    Assistant Solicitor£200 plus VAT
    Paralegal £125 plus VAT
    Counsel costs – per day range from£500 – £1500 plus VAT
    Travel ExpensesDiscussed in advance

    Annual Retainer

    Unlimited access, all-inclusive monthly fees available
    Discounted hourly rate
    Call to discuss your employee needs and our cost-effective legal fees
    Any unused hours can be spent on us training your team
    Typically claims take between 30 -75 hrs to conclude
    Review our options for small businesses

    Fixed Fee

    We may agree on a fixed fee with you –  call to discuss
    The fee is normally payable over 3 months
    Cost always agreed from the outset
    A typical Unfair Dismissal fee is between£5000 – £15000 plus VAT

    Fixed Fee

    Fixed fee plus Insurance cover options available

    Call to discuss

    Fees differ depending on the complexity of the claim

    Legal Expense Insurance

    Subject to conditions of your insurance,
    you don’t pay anything

    Legal Expense Insurance

    We can help you to check if your business insurance will pay your legal fees

    Protection Insurance Cover

    Costs tbc* call for more details

    Covering 0 – 200 Employees
    Cover from £250,000 – £1 million
    Damages against injury & hurt of feelings
    Claimant cost & expenses
    Punitive, exemplary, and aggravated damages
    Defence costs
    Other costs/expenses awarded by the court

    Click here to download our brochure

    Protection Insurance Cover

    Costs tbc* call for more details

    Low-cost premium
    Unlimited access, all-inclusive monthly fee
    Call to discuss

    Click here to download our brochure

    HR-ARM Support

    From £1,188.00 one time payment
    x 12 monthly payments of £99.00 + vat
    Secure Company-wide Intranet Dashboard
    Hundreds of editable Legal documents
    Document Wizard for personalisation and creation
    E-Learning Training Courses
    Share, download and print when required saving time, money and ensuring legal compliance

    HR-ARM Support

    Up to 70% discount off the normal price From £356.00 for all retained clients
    Affordable Risk Management Software is our proprietary service
    Saving time & money: Secure online repository of all your employees data
    E-Learning training applications
    All documents are created and reviewed by our lawyers to ensure compliance
    Easy to edit and personalise to your business needs
    Improving corporate governance and employee compliance minimising the risk of civil or criminal penalties
    Files and documentation are all in one place – upload your existing files for ease of access

    E-Learning Only

    Reduce training costs1 Learner£25
    Access to updated content and legislation5 Learner £110
    Quick delivery of lessons25 Learner£500
    aimed at Employees who  50 Learner£850
    manage or supervise staff75 Learners £1,125
    Improve better compliance and minimise risk100 Leaners £1,200
    Helping to keep employees up to date on the law
    Increase employee certification
    Improve best practice and employee performance
    A test can be taken several times
    Consistency of learning and scalable
    Positive impact on morale

    E-Learning is FREE to retained clients

    The e-learning courses are available separately, they are aimed at educating
    your staff making them aware of their obligations
    Quick delivery of regulatory and compliance lessons
    Aimed at all supervisors of staff
    Helping to keep employees up-to-date on the law
    Providing important legal knowledge and best practise in HR compliance
    They minimise the risk of civil and legal action against your company
    Improve best practise and employee performance
    A test can be taken several times
    Consistency of learning and scalable
    Positive impact on morale

    * EPL Insurance to be paid separately – terms and conditions apply


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