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    Fees and Services

    Our pricing and additional services set us apart from other law firms.

    In an ever-changing economic climate, we recognise the importance of being flexible and offering pricing that suits many funding options suitable to your business. Our comprehensive range of fixed fee and free value-added services are designed to help your business resolve any Employment Law issue in the most cost-effective manner.

    PJH Law is an award-winning specialist employment law firm with over 90% of our workload dedicated to employment law. We are renowned for our fair billing, adding value and we have a spotless compliance record.

    For more information on services available, please call us on 01780 757 589, request a call back or complete our online enquiry form.

    VAT is chargeable at the prevailing rate, currently 20%.


    By the HourCall to your employee needs and our cost

    Partner 8+ years’ experience £300 plus VAT
    Partner under 8 years’ experience £200 plus VAT
    Solicitor under 4 years experience £150 plus VAT
    Counsel costs – per day range from £500 – £1,500 plus VAT
    Travel Expenses discussed in advance

    Annual Retainer

    Unlimited access, all-inclusive monthly fees available
    Discounted hourly rate
    Call to discuss your employee needs and our cost-effective legal fees
    Any unused hours can be spent on us training your team
    Typically claims take between 30 -75 hrs to conclude

    Fixed Fee

    We may agree on a fixed fee with you – call to discuss

    The fee is normally payable over 3 months
    Cost always agreed from the outset
    A typical Unfair Dismissal fee is between £5,000 – £15,000 plus VAT

    Employment Protection Liability Insurance Cover

    Quotes available on request


    Employment Protection Liability Insurance

    Check your business or EPLI policy – we can help you to see if you are covered.
    Subject to the prospects of success being 51% or higher your legal expense insurance may cover your legal fees.

    Legal Expense Insurance

    Nothing to pay when fees are covered by your insurance (other than any applicable policy excess).

    By the Hour

    Partner 8+ Years’ Experience
    Partner under 8 Years’ Experience
    Solicitor under 4 years’ Experience
    Counsel fees – Per day cost range from
    Travel expenses discussed in advance
    Typically Claims take between 30-75 hrs to conclude for claims listed for a 1-2 day hearing. More complex claims can take between 100-500 hours depending on the length of hearing.

    By the Hour

    £300 plus VAT
    £200 plus VAT
    £150 plus VAT
    £500- £2,500 plus VAT
    Discussed in advance

    Fixed Fee

    We may agree a fixed fee with you
    Depends on the complexity of the claim
    Always agreed from the outset
    Typical fixed fee for Wrongful or Unfair Dismissal
    Payable over 3 months

    Fixed Fee

    Call to discuss

    £5,000 -£15,000 plus VAT

    Fees for more complex claimsBespoke pricing based on nature and complexity of claim and length of hearing

    win, No Fee bas

    Tribunal Claims usually have the following stages:

    a. ACAS early conciliation completed within 3 months of incident or dismissal
    b. Claim submitted within 1 month of the date of early conciliation ending
    c. Employers have 28 days to respond to the claim from when it is accepted and sent to them
    d. Most claims then have the following stages:
    i. Receipt of schedule of loss/preparation of counter schedule of loss
    ii. Disclosure of documents
    iii. Agreement on documents to be used at the hearing
    iv. Preparation of Hearing Bundle of documents
    v. Witness statements from relevant witnesses
    vi. Exchange of witness statements
    vii. Preparation of list of issues, chronology, and case list
    viii. Hearing
    ix. Remedy Hearing

    More complex claims may have additional preliminary hearing(s) either for case management or to determine preliminary issues such as whether the Claimant is an employee or whether the Claimant is disabled.

    Claims take on average between 26 and 104 weeks to conclude if the matter proceeds to hearing. If you claim settles, this time period could be much shorter.

    Tribunal Claims usually have the following stages:

    For more detail please call us

    * EPL Insurance to be paid separately – terms and conditions apply


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