Maternity Discrimination and pregnancy

Channel 4 and Monzo Issue New Miscarriage Policy

Channel 4 and Monzo have made headlines recently for becoming among the first businesses to adopt a specific miscarriage policy. By law, employees only become entitled to maternity/paternity leave if their child is stillborn (when their child dies after the 24th week of pregnancy or during birth). There is no legal entitlement to maternity/paternity leave [...]

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Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police v Mrs N Town

This case looks at what constitutes unfavourable treatment for a discrimination claim. More specifically, can treatment still be unfavourable if it precludes the employee from danger? Facts Mrs. Town was employed by Devon and Cornwall police as a police officer (on the ‘front line’ as a Response Officer). In November 2017 she informed her manager [...]

Chelmsford Unisex Hair Salon Ltd v Grunwell

There is no question this week but this case serves as a classic example of way an ostrich approach to Tribunal defences is not a good strategy. Ms Grunwell, the Claimant, bought claims for unpaid holiday and maternity discrimination against Chelmsford Unisex Hair Salon, the Respondent. Her claim alleged she was dismissed by the Respondent [...]

Harrison v Aryma Ltd

Greetings and welcome back to another weekly case law update. Last week we looked at harassment on several grounds including race, sex and sexual harassment. This week we are looking at settlement agreements and tribunal procedure regarding the admissibility of evidence. Long-time readers may remember the case of Bailey v Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP which […]

April Employment Law Update – Family Friendly Rates

The next lot of rates to be updated are the family friendly pay rates for maternity pay, paternity pay, shared parental pay and adoption pay. As of 7th April (next Monday) rates will increase from £145.18 to £148.68 a week. On the same day, the minimum weekly earnings to qualify for parental pay will also […]

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South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust v Jackson and Others

The question this week is: Does sending an important email to an email account that staff on maternity leave don’t access amount to an act of unfavourable treatment? Ms Jackson, was one of 18 Claimants who was made redundant by South West Yorkshire NHS, the Respondent, whilst off on maternity leave. As the Claimants were […]

Pregnancy & Maternity – Redundancy Protection Extended

It is believed over 50,000 women lose their jobs each year as a result of being pregnant or taking maternity leave. One in nine women surveyed by the Department for Business and Energy said they had been dismissed, made redundant or felt they had to resign following their return from having a child. Following a […]

Jo Swinson MP Pairing Scandal: A Case Study in Pregnancy/Maternity Discrimination

Over the past few months we have run employment law related features on government scandals. Following the swathes of cabinet and government resignations this month, we were going to play a game of ‘Constructive dismissal, or no constructive dismissal?’ in our topical news segment this month. Would you say Boris Johnson’s implied term of trust […]

Capita v Ali

The history about the employability, mobility and equality of female employees is one that often hangs on pregnancy and maternity. Whilst it is discriminatory and illegal to treat women unfavourably due to pregnancy and/or maternity, many employers wrongly perceive female employees as an absence risk, commitment or financial risk due to the fact they might […]

Really Easy Car Credit Ltd v Thompson

Can a decision to dismiss an employee be fair if the decision to dismiss was before the employer discovered the employee was pregnant but the employer had knowledge of pregnancy before the dismissal took effect? Really Easy Car Credit Ltd v Thompson Ms Thompson, the Claimant, was employed as a telesales operative by Really Easy […]

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Maternity and Sex Discrimination – Are Employers Up To Date?

A recent survey of over 1,000 business decision makers by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has found that a large proportion of employers hold antiquated views. Maternity and sex discrimination in the workplace: Nearly half of employers think it is acceptable to ask a female applicant if she has children during an interview (46%) […]

What to expect from employment law in 2018

After looking back at some particularly sombre pieces of festive news, it is time to look forward at what to expect from 2018.  2018 could be a big year for case law. For the gig economy, the Uber and Pimlico Plumbers appeals will be heard before the CoA and Supreme Court respectively early this year, with decision impacting worker status […]

Statutory Pay News – Annual Rate Increase

  The new statutory pay amounts have been announced. Such rates are now CPI-linked so the rise will be of little surprise to those who pay keen interest to the economy. Parental pay rates – including maternity, shared parental and adoption – have risen from £140.98 to £145.18, whilst sick pay has gone up £89.35 […]

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Is it fair to pay male employees 2 weeks enhanced paternity pay when female employees receive 14 weeks enhanced maternity pay?

After all the election and post-election chaos we thought it was best to get back to Case of the Week, which guarantees its readers a strong and stable supply of recent case law. Last week we looked at gross misconduct. This week we have two cases for you. The first is about shared parental leave […]