March 2021 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our monthly newsletter. It’s been an interesting month in employment law, with two decisions from the Supreme Court. The first found that Uber drivers are workers and are therefore entitled to holiday pay and the national minimum wage. The second (covered below) concerns the national minimum wage in the context of [...]

Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson- Blake & Shannon v Rampersad and another (T/A Clifton House Residential Home)

Supreme Court Clarify National Minimum Wage Point The first case this month looks at the National Minimum Wage (NMW). Specifically, it considers whether night-shift workers who are allowed to sleep on shift are entitled to the NMW. Facts The Supreme Court heard two separate cases together, as they concerned the same point of law. Both [...]

Samantha Cameron and Unpaid Internships

From one gig economy article to another. There was a time when SamCam rivalled Kate Middleton as the woman who spawned a thousand “NAME looks ADJECTIVE in CLOTHING at EVENT” articles on the sidebar of shame. These days, since the Camerons have taken a back seat post-referendum, Samantha Cameron has been focusing on her high-end [...]

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April Employment Update – National Minimum Wage Rates

Hello and welcome to our March Employment Law Update, a round up of all things employment law this month. Those familiar with employment law and HR will be well aware April is the annual roll out of many changes in employment law. The first of these such changes is the annual amendment of the minimum wage […]

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Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake

It’s Friday which means we have another case law update to ease you into the weekend. Last week we looked at unfair dismissal and the right to work in the UK. This week we have two cases for you, one on sleep-in shifts and the National Minimum Wage and another on voluntary overtime and holiday […]

National Minimum Wage – Offenders List Published

It’s that time of year again. On the eve of the new National Minimum Wage rates coming into force, the Government has published its latest list of non-payers to name and shame them. As well as the usual hairdressers, car washes and hospitality offenders the big names on the list include Wagamama, Stoke & Birmingham […]

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National Minimum Wage – New Rates Announced

After the thrill of payslips our second legislative update this month is the announcement of the new National Minimum Wage rates. The new minimum wage rates come into effect on 1st April 2018 and are: National Living Wage (Over 25s) will rise from £7.50 to £7.83 Workers aged between 21-24 will rise from £7.05 to […]

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Minimum Wage News: RyanAir Investigated

  Minimum Wage News: RyanAir Investigated Conditions for gig economy workers was the big employment law issue of 2017 and one that is likely to be reformed in 2018. Unfortunately, poor practices are not exclusive to gig economy employers. RyanAir has been criticised by the heads of the Business and Work & Pension committees after […]

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What to expect from employment law in 2018

After looking back at some particularly sombre pieces of festive news, it is time to look forward at what to expect from 2018.  2018 could be a big year for case law. For the gig economy, the Uber and Pimlico Plumbers appeals will be heard before the CoA and Supreme Court respectively early this year, with decision impacting worker status […]

Abbeyfield Wessex Society Ltd v Edwards

Abbeyfield Wessex Society Ltd v Edwards Our final case this week is a wages claim. Earlier in the year we reported some NMW cases that laid down the criteria for deciding whether on-call or sleep-in workers should be paid the minimum wage for their shift. The criteria were: (i)        The employer’s particular purpose in engaging […]

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Minimum Wage News – Argos Biggest Non-Payer

It’s that time of year again where Minimum Wage News is all over the place. Every year companies who have failed to pay their staff the National Minimum Wage are named and shamed. This year sees Argos top the list, owing over £1.4 million to 12,000 workers. This is much higher than last year’s biggest offender, Debenham’s, who […]

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Focus Care Agency Ltd v Roberts & Frudd v The Partington Group & Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake – Are employees entitled to the national minimum wage whilst on call or sleeping at work?

Our second case is actually a cluster of three cases about the national minimum wage. Previous case law suggests that employees are entitled to the minimum wage for time when they are at the employer’s premises even if they aren’t working. Whilst the facts of each case are different the question in all three was: […]

Gig Economy News – Sports Direct Agency Workers Not Paid Back Pay

It’s been a while since Sport’s Direct were in the news so it will not surprise regular readers to hear one of their agency staff suppliers has failed to pay backdated minimum wage money owed to employees. Transline, the agency in question, is late paying thousands of its employees backdated wages from as far back […]

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Employment law forecast 2017

After our weather forecast of snow did not come to fruition, we will stick to Employment Law. Here are a few things that will be happening in 2017. Trade Union Bill    Whilst no implementation date has been set, the Bill will introduce a number of proposed changes to current strike action: – 50% turnout threshold for […]