Parliament announcement regarding IR35…

As a result of the Covid19 situation, Parliament announced last night that the IR35 changes due to be implemented next month will be deferred until 6 April 2021. You can watch the announcement from the House of Commons here The government has confirmed that it still intends to implement the measure and is committed [...]

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Tax News – IR35 Judgments

On 6 April 2020, IR35 will apply to the private sector. However, IR35 has been applicable in the public sector since 2017 and this month has seen some tax judgments which should give employers some guidance on how it will be implemented and interpreted. For the uninitiated, IR35, is a means to tax off-payroll workers […]

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PILON and PENP – Contract Clauses and Tax

For many years payment in lieu of notice (PILON) clauses were the enemy of employers. In the absence of a PILON clause, any employee they wished to exit via settlement would be able to get up to £30k tax free and this could include the equivalent PILON payment. As the PILON was rolled into the […]

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