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    Disciplinary & Grievances Claims

    Are you being disciplined? Do you have issues with the way your employer is managing the process? Have you been suspended? You need to seek help from an Employment Law solicitor.

    From our experience, most employees at this time feel helpless, stressed, upset and are vulnerable to unfair treatment.

    However, you may have statutory or contractual rights in this situation. You should get in touch with our employment law solicitors to to help you navigate this process.

    You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with a variety of disciplinary cases and procedures with employers. It may be helpful for you to know what sorts of actions you can be disciplined.

    Here are some examples but not exhaustive:

    • Any form of gross misconduct
    • Breaching trust and confidence
    • Poor performance
    • Failing to comply with Health & Safety Procedures
    • Aggressive or abusive behaviour
    • Misuse or vandalism of company property
    • Bad timekeeping
    • Refusing to comply with company policy

    To discuss any details or matter you may have, contact our employment lawyers and expert legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our fast track online enquiry form.


    If you have already been disciplined or even dismissed. We can still assist you in preparing your appeal and advise you on all aspects of the employment law associated with your dismissal.

    This is because employers can potentially make mistakes, may have acted unreasonably or inappropriately over disciplinary or capability procedures.  You may have been discriminated against.

    Employers should follow their own procedures They must follow these procedures reasonably and respect any statutory rights you have.

    If you have reason to believe that your employer has not adhered to the their procedures or breached your rights, then seek our advice on the best way forward.

    Contact our employment lawyers and expert legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our fast track online enquiry form.

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    If you have issues with the way you are being treated at work, you can raise a grievance, and your employer should deal with it.

    A grievance can arise from a multitude of circumstances ranging from harassment & bullying, being treated unfairly, issues surrounding discrimination, discipline or dismissal, be performance-related or unfair treatment in the way you are being managed.

    It is always best to try to resolve these matters informally but should you need help to raise a grievance in accordance with your employer’s procedures; you can contact our employment solicitors for advice on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our fast track online enquiry form.

    We can then discuss with you the details of your grievance, and help to make sure you communicate your concerns in the most effective ways.  One that ensures your employer investigates and addresses all the issues you may raise.

    In the worst cases, these issues can lead to claims such as unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, and discrimination. In any of these circumstances we can help you formulate your appeal, and if the claims should escalate further, advise you regarding raising an Employment Tribunal claim.

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