New National Minimum/Living Wage Increase 2024

The Government announced as part of the Autumn Statement that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage (NLW) rates will be increasing from 1st April 2024.  This will be the largest ever increase to the minimum wage after the Government accepted the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations. The NLW is the statutory minimum wage for [...]

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PJH Law News – New Solicitor

Please join us in welcoming Kyle Connor to PJH Law LLP. Allow me to introduce myself! "I am a newly qualified solicitor, being freshly added to the roll on 16 July.  While my background has been a lot of property work and private client, I have had a long standing passion for Employment Law, having [...]

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PJH Law News – New Recruit

Please join us in welcoming Sarah Schroeter to PJH Law LLP. An introduction, in her own words: "I am a HR Generalist with many years of experience in human resources management covering the full employee lifecycle to include – recruitment and talent acquisition, employee relations and development, and change management. I believe that I have [...]

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PJH Law News – Prize Draw Winner

For those of you that missed our seminar there was a prize draw offering attendees the chance to win a complimentary audit of HR policies and procedures. We are pleased to announce the winner is Nicola Eastwood at Charis Grants . For anyone interested in a HR Health check please complete our scorecard which can be [...]

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PJH Law Seminar 23rd March 2023

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, is a proverb in the business world that suggests everything comes at a cost. Contrary to popular belief, employment lawyers are not so cynical. We believe that there is such a thing as a free lunch and that a seminar and gift bag should accompany it. Unfortunately, [...]

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PJH Law Seminar

Save the Date On the subject of seminars, please save the date for Thursday 23 March 2023. The seminar will be held at Alltech House, Ryhall Road, PE9 1TZ and sessions will include: Implications for calculating holiday pay post Brazel v Harpur Trust Neurodiversity and HR Home working and collective redundancy consultation Summary of all [...]

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PJH Law Seminar

Following the feedback to last month’s update we have decided to hold our seminar face to face in March. We are currently confirming a venue and date but we are planning to host sessions on the following topics: Summary of April Employment Law Changes. Neurodiversity and HR. Holiday pay following Brazel v Harpur Trust. Collective redundancy [...]

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New Prime Minister

Last month we looked at what the impact the Truss premiership might mean for employment law. Part of this included tax changes implemented in Kwasi Kwarteng’s minibudget. What was not forecast was the Truss Premiership being like my email password: requiring change every 45 days! He has already announced plans to scrap Kwarteng’s proposed income [...]

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Flexible Working Bill

One employment issue gaining traction in Parliament this month has been the Flexible Working Bill. The bill passed its second reading this week and, whilst currently being vague on details, is anticipated to encourage more flexible working with the right to make a request expected to become a day one employment right. It is also [...]

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Rise to Statutory Pay Rates Forecast

Inflation and interest have been in the news this week with the latter rising to try and stem the former. The announcement this week forecast the longest recession since the 1920s with interest rates likely to rise above 4% by 2024. In addition to impacting the cost of living and cost of doing business it [...]

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Holiday Pay – Calculation For Casual Workers’ Holiday Pay Spreadsheet Fun!

Last month we covered the case of Brazel v Harpur Trust and how this has changed the way holiday pay should be calculated for casual, bank or zero hours workers. In essence the new method means, depending on work patterns, employees could potentially double their holiday pay. In some circumstance the holiday pay could be [...]

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