Lighter Side of the News – Citibank Sacking Over Two Sandwich Expenses Claim!

Citibank was taken to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal after sacking an employee for gross misconduct. The claimant was a financial analyst specialising in financial crime. He’d submitted expenses for a business trip claiming he had eaten two sandwiches, two pasta dishes and drank two coffees. When queried whether he had consumed this all [...]

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Lighter Side of the News – Amazon Prank

A tv show involving creative prankster, Oobah Butler, showed him taking on Amazon by going undercover at one of their warehouses, creating a fake drink that reached one of their best sellers and getting his two-year-old niece to order age verified products using Alexa. Whilst undercover, he discovered poor working conditions that included a lack [...]

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Chilling Atmosphere at Work – Lighter Side of the News

This month we saw Pret-a-Manger fined £800,000 after leaving a cafe worker locked in their walk-in freezer! On 29 July, a member of staff became trapped in a commercial freezer which had a running temperature of 18 degrees below zero, while only dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. After moving around trying to keep warm [...]

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Lighter Side of the News

In this month's lighter side of the news we look at a recent claim wherein a male nurse, Mr Marsh, won a sex discrimination claim against the NHS. Being the only male within his health visitor team, he was routinely the butt of jokes by the female staff, including from his boss Ms Sanchez! When [...]

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Lighter Side of the News

I bring you tales of a crime most foul. Selling counterfeit goods is taken very seriously by authorities, as it can lead to members of the public with no food or hygiene knowledge producing hazardous materials sold under the guide of a legitimate product. This is not one of those times. Two men were arrested [...]

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Lighter Side of the News

This month an ASDA worker has won a sex discrimination case after a colleague kneed him in the bum! Choon Seng Goh argued that he felt humiliated after an unprovoked kneeing, the second in the assaults he had suffered. Having waved off the first incident of being kicked in the same area as being slightly [...]

Lighter Side of The News

We saw a very strained claim for sexual harassment reach the news this month. Let's say, as an example, you had a boss named Alex Goulandris. At the bottom of a work document, you see the letters 'AJG'. What would you believe those letters to represent? Whatever you are thinking right now - you are [...]

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Lighter Side of the News – “This is a customer announcement…I just got sacked”

A B&Q worker has been banned from every one of their stores after an expletive ridden outburst over the announcement system just after being dismissed. Recording this interaction on social media, the voice echoing across the store said: ‘this is a customer announcement. I just got sacked and B&Q are c***s. F**k everyone. Have a [...]

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Lighter Side of the News

We end this newsletter with a recent employment matter that made its way into the news, an NHS Scientist has successfully argued discrimination following her name being changed to ‘PainInArse’ on a work spreadsheet. Along with having the contents of a ‘fluid sample’ thrown at her and her colleagues, this was unsurprisingly not the best [...]

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Lighter Side of the News – Police Sex Scandal

We end the newsletter with another tale of scandalous and outrageous employment practices that find their way into the red tabs. This month saw a Police Department in Tennessee dismiss 20% of its officers after they were found to have engaged in sexual activity whilst on duty, including in the police station! The sordid details [...]

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Lighter Side of the News – French Employee Wins Right to be Boring

As always we cap off with a case involving the absurd or bizarre. This month we bring news of a French case that has a connection to those of us who decline to attend the Christmas party or other after hours events. In T v Cubik Partners, T was dismissed for being professionally insufficient after [...]

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Lighter Side of the News

We end this month’s update with another tale of the absurd. In the case of X v Volkerrail Ltd & Z a women succeeded in a claim of discrimination and was awarded £420,000 at the remedy hearing. X, the Claimant, was employed as a senior manager at Volkerrail, Respondent 1. The Claimant was from a [...]

Lighter Side of The News

Police Officer Sacked For Using Sex Worker the month off on something ridiculous and silly. A quick glance at the tabloids has revealed that PC Kelly Norris of Avon and Somerset Police was dismissed after disclosing he had engaged the services of a sex worker with links to organised crime on more than one occasion. [...]

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PJHLaw June 2021 Newsletter

Tribunal Finds General Medical Council Liable for Race Discrimination The Reading employment tribunal has found the General Medical Council liable for direct race discrimination. Dr. O Karim is an NHS doctor of African/ European ethnicity. Complaints were made against him in 2013/2014, culminating in a Fitness to Practice Tribunal (FTP) in 2018 (a tribunal that [...]