The Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice v McCLoud & Ors

Hello, another Friday is upon us which means it is time for another dose of employment law. After last week’s employment law update we are back to our case law update. This week’s case concerns pensions and discrimination. We also have a new feature for you at the end of today’s update. (Cue dramatic music […]

Supreme Court Grants Equal Pension Rights

The Supreme Court has had a fine month. Not only has it declared ET fees unlawful it has also granted equal pension rights to same-sex spouse. In Walker v Innospec Ltd, Mr Walker, the Claimant, argued that, in the event of his death, Innospec, the Respondent, should pay his husband the same pension benefit as […]

Pension Loss

With final salary pension schemes almost extinct in the private sector and being diminished in the public sector, pension loss for a public sector worker can be a high value part of any successful claim. The difference between adopting the substantial loss approach (stable, long term employment that has been lost by a worker close […]

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