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    Redundancy Legal Advice and Support

    Have you just been told that your position is at risk of redundancy? This may be a shock or something you were expecting. Either way you need practical advice to ensure that your position is protected.

    It’s vital that you are made aware of your legal rights. Employment Law in this area is complex and and you need an adviser who knows redundancy procedure inside out. There are so many questions that you need answers to, and they may not be forthcoming in a manner that allows you to plan ahead, or feel that you are being treated fairly.

    Redundancy is a no fault dismissal. You have done nothing wrong. The onus is on the employer to set up a fair process for handling the redundancy.

    Our employment solicitors are responsive, sympathetic, pragmatic, and experts in their field. The firm’s principal, Philip Hyland, has written a book on how to implement redundancies fairly. A Practical Guide to Redundancy.

    If you wish to discuss your concerns and what your best options are, contact our employment solicitors and legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our quick online enquiry form.

    The typical questions that we get asked are:

    • Is there a redundancy situation?
    • Should there be a consultation period?
    • What happens during consultation and what part should you, the at risk employee, play?
    • Are you in the right pool?
    • Are the selection criteria fit for purpose?
    • Are my scores supported by evidence?
    • What rights do you have to any alternative employment is available?
    • How much redundancy pay and notice am I entitled to?
    • What rights do you have during your notice period?
    • Do I have a right to appeal?
    • How long does the process take?
    • What if my employer is facing bankruptcy?
    • Are the laws the same if my company is being taken over?

    We are here when you need us.

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    Employee Rights during Redundancy

    We understand this is a frustrating and stressful period, and the employment laws concerning redundancy can be confusing for employers and employees.

    Redundancy can be as a result of downsizing, acquisition, or because a job role has become redundant for various reasons including modernising and technological or production advancements.

    You employer needs to have followed a fair process to ensure that your redundancy dismissal is legal. There cannot be any form of discrimination in their choice of who is to be made redundant that includes age, gender, sex, religion, race, sexual orientation.Furthermore some categories of employee are specifically safeguarded from victimisation during the redundancy process such as whistleblowers or Trade Union officials.

    Here at PJH Law, we are a dedicated and experienced team of employment lawyers with significant expertise and knowledge of redundancy policy and practice.   Our employment law team of solicitors can provide you with support and advice on how your employers should manage any type of redundancy and make sure your legal rights have not been overlooked.

    If you are unsure of what exactly your position is with your employer or think that you have not been treated fairly. Contact our employment solicitors and legal team on 01780 757 589, request a call-back or complete our 1 minute online enquiry form.

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