Gig Economy Issue

The gig economy has been an issue we have been covering for most of the year. The recent Uber decision has highlighted that the judiciary will look at each case of alleged self-employment with a degree of scepticism and the government have echoed a similar sentiment.

The latest update on the gig economy is that Uber is now facing several hundred fresh claims from drivers who believe they are owed both holiday and unpaid wages. On the other hand Uber has pledged to appeal the decision, however, having read the judgment – which is highly critical of Uber – it would seem unlikely this will be successful.

In other gig economy news, courier firm, CitySprint, become the latest company with ‘self-employed’ drivers to face a legal dispute about whether their drivers are actually workers. As the Uber judgment was only a first instance case (Employment Tribunal and not an EAT or Court of Appeal case) its decision is not binding to other cases. However, it would seem likely that CitySprint drivers will get a similar judgment as are these drivers genuinely self-employed or is it a ruse to avoid liability?