For those of you who set up a betting pool after reading the introduction to this update, we can reveal that Philip is the PJH Law author.

The book is a practical guide to managing redundancy and is based on Phil’s 25 years’ experience of advising and advocating on redundancy matters.

Anyone who knows Phil will know that the book isn’t a stuffy, jargon-laden recital of the law but a clear, hands-on guide that explains the law using examples and analogies.

You can read more about how and why Phil wrote his book here. Everyone at PJH Law would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Phil on achieving a lifelong ambition. We look forward to reading the next employment law book and mooted novel mentioned in the linked article!

The book is available from Monday and can be ordered here. For those of you interested in picking up a copy we have a couple of promotional codes and offers to wet your appetites.

To get a 25% Black Friday discount, simply visit the link and order a book today (23rd November 2018).

If you are reading this post-Black Friday – no doubt out picking up deals elsewhere – then you can get a 10% discount by entering the code rdc5839 at the checkout.

PJH Law is also offering the first ten readers who buy the book and write a review on Amazon their money back. Simply send us proof of payment for the book together with a link to your review and we will arrange the repayment of the purchase price.

To find out more about the book or any of the promotions associated to it, please contact us.