Man Sacked by Artificial Intelligence

 It is often said that automation and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) will result in much of our workforce being outmoded. However, our next tale suggests HR managers should be safe from the AI purge for a while yet.

Ibrahim Diallo, working in the US, arrived at work to find his key card no longer worked and he couldn’t get into to any of his systems. The reason for this was because the IT department had received emails to revoke his access. Later he received emails from recruiters who informed him that they’d been told his contract had been terminated.

Despite raising the issue with his manager, the following day security came to escort him from the building after receiving an email he had been fired. Eventually, it became apparent that the system had sent the emails and dismissed him. The employer had changed systems and this had labelled Mr Diallo as an ex-employee and thus sent automatic emails to relevant departments.

Clearly, this AI had not read ACAS Code of Practise 2 and had this occurred in the UK the employee would have a slam-dunk unfair dismissal claim. Automation will change HR but hopefully, this particular system will not make it over to the UK!