We round off this month’s update with another tale of tabloid scandal. This month’s tale features an explicit content warning. Sergeant Hywel Morgan was dismissed by South Wales Police Force following an on-duty tryst with a council employee. Sgt Morgan had been dubbed a hero for diving into a freezing lake to try and save a man from drowning.

Sgt Morgan was alleged to have had sexual relations with an employee of Merthyr Tydfil Council, who was working in partnership with the police at the time. It is alleged that the incidents took place both on Police premises and Sgt Morgan’s Police vehicle.

The tabloids took the angle that dismissing someone who had received a bravery citation was outrageous. Whilst such good conduct could be used as mitigation against a dismissal, it does not hide the fact that having sex at work is almost certainly an act of gross misconduct. Particularly when said employee is doing it on the taxpayer’s time!