JD Sports – Worse conditions than Sport’s Direct

Over the past 12 months Sports Direct has deserved all the flak it received for the atrocious conditions reported in its warehouses. However, unfortunately it seems it isn’t the only sportswear brand that treats its staff terribly. In a recent newspaper report, it was found that staff at JD Sports were threatened with dismissal if they sat [...]

Sports Direct – The scandal continues

The Sports Direct scandal keeps rumbling on. The latest papers to be filed with the High Court have revealed that women returning from maternity leave were moved onto zero hours contracts and were therefore ineligible for the company’s bonus scheme, a PCP that clearly puts women at a disadvantage. Furthermore, employees transferring from companies purchased by Sports [...]

The rise of the gig economy

Those of you who are regular readers will know that Sports Direct has made headlines for its incredibly poor working conditions. Most of the staff subjected to these conditions are actually either self-employed or agency staff who have fewer employment rights and less job security than normal workers. It has been heralded as a sign the economy [...]

Sports Direct – Gulag like conditions

It probably isn’t a shock to hear that Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, isn’t a very nice boss. Well now a recent summons before parliament can prove those suspicions. Not only were staff often being paid an illegal wage there is also evidence of: -  Staff living in fear of their jobs -  Incidents [...]

Employment Law footballing hat trick – Part One – Former Newcastle United FC player brings discrimination claim

There is usually a glut of football on over Easter and somewhat coincidentally there has also been a surge in football related stories this month. The first concerns former Newcastle United footballer Jonas Gutiérrez, who has recently begun a two million pound disability discrimination claim against his former employer. Whilst few of you will be [...]