Welcome back Philip! We hope you all had a great Christmas and that the post-Christmas comedown (and Quality Street deprivation) haven’t been too tough this week. To see out the week we have our first update of the year.

What with all the presents, mince pies, cheese boards, festive drinks and good telly over the past fortnight it is easy to forget that things in the outside world have been happening. Here is a brief summary of some of the best – or worse, depending on how you view it – employment law news that occurred over the Yuletide.

Wagamama and Sick Leave

When you go out to eat is there anything more off-putting than staff who have sickness bugs and flu cooking and serving you food? If your answer was no, then we advise staying clear of popular Japanese chain-restaurant, Wagamama.

Over Christmas, a photograph emerged from their North Finchley branch that suggested staff would face disciplinary action for going off sick over the festive period. The notice has made the rounds on both social and regular media, often highlighting the lack of care for both employment rights and food hygiene. Jobs involving food handling and staff with sickness bugs seldom make good bed fellows.

Wagamama has issued a statement saying this incident is isolated to the branch but reports from staff by Unite claim it is a widespread approach. If true you may want to think twice next time you order Gyoza dumplings and Katsu curry as they might come with a side portion of germs from staff too scared to take sick leave!