Employment Tribunal Case Fees

If you are an employee

You have come to the right place. PJH Law is an award-winning specialist employment law firm. Over 90% of our workload is employment law. We are renowned for our fair billing and adding value. We have a spotless compliance record.

The Team:

Philip Hyland
Philip HylandPrincipal
Liam Pike
Liam PikeAssociate Solicitor
Samantha Crombie
Samantha CrombieAssistant Solicitor
Joe Hyland
Joe HylandTrainee Solicitor

Philip Hyland is Principal and has over 25 years experience of employment law, 20 years of which are post qualification. He has had care and conduct of over a 1000 employment tribunal cases for both employer and employee.

Liam Pike is Associate and has over 10 years post qualification experience in employment law.

Samantha Crombie is an Assistant Solicitor and has 2 years post-qualification experience in employment law.

Joe Hyland qualifies in 2019 and has 4 years pre-qualification in employment law.

You may have a claim against your employer.

If so there are a number of funding options:

1. You pay us by the hour. Our charges are:

a. Principal, Associate Solicitor – £175.00 plus Vat.
b. Assistant Solicitor – £140.000 plus Vat.
c. Trainee Solicitor -£100.00 plus Vat.
d. If the case goes to hearing Counsel fees will be payable. These fees will be discussed with you in advance. Counsel fees typically range between £500.00 plus vat to £1500.00 plus vat per day of the hearing.
e. Other expenses may be payable for example travel costs. These will be discussed with you in advance.
f. Claims take on average between 30 and 75 hours to conclude.

2. We may agree a fixed fee with you. This fee will be fixed at the outset.

The fee will normally be payable over 3 months. A typical fixed fee for an unfair dismissal case is between £5,000.00 plus vat and £15,000.00 plus vat depending on complexity and length.

3. You may have legal expenses insurance.

Check your household insurances.

a. Subject to meeting the prospects test of 51% or better, your legal expenses insurance will pay your legal fees.
b. You will not pay anything. We won’t charge you the difference between the insurers’ hourly rate and our own.

4. We may take your case on a no win/no fee basis.

a. If so we will advise you within 30 days of our first meeting whether your claim is eligible for a no win/no fee. The success threshold is 60%.
b. If it meets the success threshold then the fees are:

i. 25% plus vat of any settlement if the claim settles more than 7 days before the hearing.
ii. 35% including vat of any settlement or award if the claim settles within 7 days of hearing or settles at or after hearing.
iii. If Counsel is used at the hearing, you will be responsible for Counsel Fees – Counsel fees are usually between £500 plus vat to £1500.00 plus vat per day of the hearing.
iv. If Counsel fees are incurred then the percentages at 4 b (i) and (ii) will decrease to 20% plus vat.

5. Tribunal Claims normally have the following stages:

a. Early Conciliation with ACAS started and completed within 3 months of incident or dismissal.
b. Claim submitted within 30 days of the date of early conciliation.
c. Employer’s response within 30 days of the claim being accepted by the Employment Tribunal.
d. Most claims then have the following stages:

i. Preparation of schedule of loss.
ii. Disclosure of documents.
iii. Agreement on documents to be used at the hearing.
iv. Preparation of Hearing Bundle of documents.
v. Witness statements from relevant witnesses.
vi. Exchange of witness statements.
vii. Preparation of list of issues, chronology, and cast list.
viii. Hearing.
ix. Remedy Hearing.

e. A claim can take between 26 weeks to 52 weeks to conclude all steps from 5 (a) to 5 (d)