Perhaps another case of tabloid employment law, Marks v Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, saw the Claimant awarded over £830,000.00 in compensation. (The junior doctor’s contract will have to include Sundays to cover this loss!)

Ms Marks, the Claimant, was Head of HR at the Respondent, whose chairman, Mr Baines, was a professional and personal friend of the Claimant. The two would often meet up to discuss personal and professional matters.

Things began to go wrong when Mr Baines said he loved the Claimant just before she got married and upon her return to work she rejected his sexual advances. This then triggered some bizarre behaviour from Mr Baines who insinuated the Claimant was having an affair, left love letters on her desk, sent her abusive text messages calling her a whore and finally suspended her on made up bullying allegations.

The Claimant resigned and won her case, and, like all discrimination cases, there is no cap on compensation, hence the hefty award. The lesson for Mr Baines. A married women who rejects sexual advances from another man is not a whore. The lesson for everyone else. Do not commit such blatant acts of sex discrimination.