Tabloid HR

Fare dodging bankers, deaf snipers and knife wielding teachers, every month we bring you the most absurd and/or obscene piece of employment law news that stumbles into the hands of tabloid journalists. This month’s case is definitely on the obscene side of the spectrum.

An Australian case, the employee involved was said to have been involved in an expletive laden argument with the CEO about unpaid overtime. The language involved is very coarse but goes something along the lines of:Employee – You owe me money

CEO – I am an f****** wealthy man, let me worry about the f****** money, you are earning more f****** money than me, I can’t afford to put food on the f****** table for my family.

Employee – That’s not my f****** problem, you owe me money you old c***.

The Employee was later sacked by text. He was found unfairly dismissed and the judge summed it up by saying it takes two to tango, in this case the CEO’s conduct triggered the outburst even if it was offensive.