So you have won at Tribunal and have an award in your favour, what do you do next? Well you ask for the money in the first instance and if it is not forthcoming then you need to transfer the Judgment to the County Court for enforcement. 

You need to use a specific form and not issue a new claim as you already have Judgment.  You then get your certificate of Judgment and can proceed to enforce it. This then becomes like any other CCJ.  One way is the use of a High Court Sheriff, who like a baliff makes a demand for money. Alternatively, you may have to take more drastic steps to put a charge on their property and then try and force a sale or go for bankruptcy.

These are all things I used to do in a former life at my old firm but every now and again I have to dust off my skills for those employees whose employers will not see reason and pay what is now due.  Of course delaying is not a good idea as interest and costs get added on and could amount to £1,000’s extra. We are about to do our second enforcement in two years so thankfully the demand for such services is limited.