If you cast your mind back to March this year you may remember Jeremy Clarkson assaulted a Top Gear producer when he found out steak was not on the menu at his hotel. The producer concerned, Irishman Oisin Tymon, suffered a split lip and was also subjected to verbal abuse before, during, and after the altercation.

The nature of the abuse has resulted in Mr Tymon lodging racial discrimination and personal injury claims against both Clarkson and the BBC. The tribunal is set to take place next year so be sure to watch this space.

Some commentators have speculated that suing Clarkson as well as the BBC is a ploy to negotiate a high settlement. However, the case could best be summed up by Piers Morgan, (I promise you this will be the only time this will happen) “Long-time Top Gear producer outraged by racial insensitivity? I’ve read it all now!”

As it is a discrimination claim there is no cap on the compensatory award, none the less I would expect an out of court settlement to prevent any negative press before the launch of Top Gear 2.0 on Amazon next year.