Similar to our review of the year this is a chance to browse the archive and dust off our favourite Cases of the Week from the last 12 months.

Woolies verdict – Set the amount of people made redundant to trigger mass redundancy. This had been an ongoing case since the high street stores liquidation in the recession.

Federacion de Servicios Privados del Sindicato v TycoIntegrated Security – A bit of a mouthful after a few sherries but this case saw travel time to and from work counted towards working time for mobile workers.

Sefton v Wainwright – This case set out how best to approach redundancy pooling when an employee is absent on maternity leave.

Game v Laws – A social media case where an employee whose task was monitor social media was ironically sacked for posting abusive messages online. The case highlighted the need for a social media policy.

Vernon v Port Vale, Azure, Bedding – This case taught us that harassment issues can transfer over to a new employer if both employees concerned are still working in close proximity. It is also a bit of a soap opera involving office romances and professional footballers.

Henderson v GMB – A discrimination case which established the circumstances in which political beliefs could be discriminated against.

Fox v BA – A bit of a niche example but this case examined whether death in service benefits should apply if the employee concerned passed away shortly after being unfairly dismissed.

Newbound v Thames Waterways– Another good example about how not to run a disciplinary investigation for gross misconduct allegations.

Underwood v Wincanton / Chesterton – These cases established that public interest disclosures could only be in the interest of employees, providing enough employees were effected. The Chesterton case set this figure at around 100 people.