One of the characteristics protected from discrimination is religion.

It is reported in the Telegraph today that Dr David Drew has lost his claim of discrimination because of his religion.    You may recall from an earlier blog on this case, that Dr Drew was dismissed for gross misconduct for using religious language in work communications (the main example being sending out the prayer of St Ignatius to motivate his team).

He lost his case because the Tribunal found that, for example, any Muslim or Hindu doctors who quoted from religious texts would also have been asked to refrain from such behaviour.  Similarly, if an atheist tried to educate colleagues about the work of Dawkins or Hitchen they would be treated in the same way.

This case is interesting as it raises issues relating to freedom of religious speech in a working environment.  On the face of it we can’t see any basis for appeal as the tribunal’s logic makes sense.  However, given this is a fairly high profile case, Mr Drew’s lawyers are no doubt requesting a written judgment and will scrutinise this carefully to establish whether there is any basis for review/appeal.  Watch this space!!