Like magpies around road kill, this recession is seeing a number of new organisations popping up to offer redundancy advice and help and putting themselves forward as “legal experts”. In case any of you reading are tempted by such an offer, some due diligence questions you could ask are as follows:

1. Is the organisation regulated by a professional body?

2. If not regulated by the Law Society, is the organisation M of J regulated?

3. How much professional indemnity insurance has the organisation?

4. How many Employment Tribunals involving a redundancy dismissal has the organisation experienced either themselves or through their clients?

5. And an employment law tester question to ask the “expert” could be at what stage during the redundancy process does an employee have the abosolute right to a companion or Trade Union representative?

One of the key differences between Solicitors and non regulated advisers, is that advice given by non regulated advisers is disclosable in a Tribunal claim after the Ryan v Victoria Hospital case.

Having undertaken a quick internet search, there are some redundancy guides out there which, to put it bluntly, are wrong. We also believe that redundancy needs bespoke rather than off the peg, one size fits all advice. As always, caveat emptor.