Network Rail’s HR Director, Peter Bennett has come under renewed pressure to resign over allegations of repeated sexual discrimination against staff.  The Transport Salaried Staff Association (TSSA) has repeated its call for him to be suspended after his conduct was raised in the House of Commons back in March.

The allegation is that Network Rail has paid out between £450,000 and £850,000 in compromise agreement settlements to three senior employees. Allegedly, he sacked two female employees who were undergoing fertility treatment, asked another to remove her blouse so he could see her tan lines and called another a f**king black b**ch. The HR Director has signed 155 compromise agreements over the past three years so one a week.  A labour backbencher questioned Lord Adonis, the Transport Minster about the use of public funds to pay off employees. Sounds like we should be selling Network Rail our compromise agreement wizard to generate all those agreements cost effectively!

Network Rail says it has carried out an investigation and can find no evidence of wrongdoing by Peter Benett.  It will not be taking disciplinary action against Bennett and labels the actions of TSSA as a nasty personal campaign against Bennett.