Every so often the press gets hold of a legal issue and brings it to the attention of the general public. Here’s a particularly obscure story from Australia.

Anyone who has ever ventured into a Primark will know that onesies seem to be ever increasing in popularity. Many adults have started wearing them for parties, charity events and as a replacement for pyjamas but Australia has taken it a step further.

Public servants have been banned from wearing onesies to work after staff at the immigration office were caught turning up for work in animal onesies and ugg boots. While many would see this step as draconian others have argued it is basic professional standards.

Clearly there are two sides to this argument but here’s hoping Australian officials don’t adopt a one size fits all approach to other forms of casual wear. Whatever your view on casual work wear one cannot help but wonder how differently the Tribunal system would be if all the judges were dressed as dragons…