HR Manager Shot by Dismissed Employee

This month we have two lighter sides of the news tales that made it to the tabloids (and our eyebrows raise). The first concerns an HR manager.

HR can often encompass many difficult conversations. Dismissals, grievances, public interest disclosures, there are some parts of the job that isn’t easy. However, whilst many practitioners are in a metaphorical firing line in such situations a manager in India ended up in a physical firing line too.

After dismissing an employee for poor conduct, Dinesh Sharma, Head of HR at Mitsuba’s Indian subsidiary, was threatened with dire consequences if he did not reinstate the former employee. On his way to work, he was then threatened at gunpoint and shot at.

Mr Sharma was able to evade his attacker and make it to work where colleagues called police and ambulance services. The former employee has since been arrested for the attack. Many employers refer to a dismissal as pulling the trigger, this story proves that employee might do the same in reciprocation!