Lighter Side of the News

We round off this month’s update with another tale from the tabloids. Usually, the subjects of these features are here due to their own stupidity. However, this week’s example finds herself here due to her own misfortune.

Xiao Jiao, was a flight attendant for China Eastern Airlines and was dismissed after her boyfriend proposed at 30,000ft. All passengers are reported to have cheered the proposal, which took place in the cabin, and no safety concerns were raised.

However, Jiao was then purportedly sacked for causing a safety breach and behaving irresponsibly – surely the irresponsible thing to do would say no and then have a jilted and recently humiliated lover in a confined airborne container?

In a bizarre twist the Airline has denied Ms Jiao was sacked and, given the opaque nature of China’s media coverage, it is unclear whether Ms Jiao is still employed.