We round off the year with another tale of stupidity and outrage. This month’s wooden spoon goes to Karen Hutchinson, an Art Teacher in Lincoln who allowed two female students to partake in a topless photo session as part of their art project on the female form.

Ms Hutchinson gave an 18 year old student a camera and allowed her to photograph a 17 year old student topless. They were given the store cupboard for privacy, locking it to ensure no other pupils saw more than pastels and paint brushes! Ms Hutchinson then uploaded the photos and emailed them to the student from her personal account.

Despite believing both students to be over 18, the school suspended and later dismissed her. Whilst PJH Law does not profess to be an expert into the creative processes used to create art, it is fairly certain that allowing a 17 year old to be involved in topless photos and then downloading and emailing those photos could  technically be construed as the creation and distribution of pornography!

In a further twist of irony Ms Hutchinson’s school had a policy of ensuring pupils wore uniform in an appropriate manner at all times whilst at school!