Warm Weather Working

It’s the final Friday of the month which means it’s time for your monthly employment law update. Last month’s update had features on upskirting, zero-hours contracts, recruitment shortlists and whistleblowing while last week’s case law update had cases on the National Minimum Wage and Holiday Pay. This month we have quite a few features for you but we will start with something seasonal.

It is nearly the end of July which means it has been over eight weeks of near-constant sunshine with only one brief rainy afternoon. Football might not have come home but the sun does have his hat on!

Most years talk of hot weather impacting businesses is just a load of hot air. However, this year the temperatures have been consistently high for an extended period with further sun expected in August. We aren’t having a heatwave, we’re having a proper summer! Therefore, we would like to remind people of our hot weather working guidance which lists some of the issues employers face when it’s sunny.